Dietary Analysis – The Energy of Food

The story of nutrition is one of life-enrichment and well-being. Sadly, many people are living at 50% of their full health potential, not really sick, but not truly well either. We need to understand that foods will help rebuild damaged tissue, in addition to enhancing wellness by increasing the energy and efficiency levels of the glands, tissues, and organs including the skin. High energy foods have great healing abilities and will aid in regeneration & detoxification of the cells. If you wish to experience pure energy you must consume pure energy.

Cellular Regeneration & Detoxification

This is the foundation of vitality, thus the foundation of The Program. Cellular Regeneration means rebuilding tissue that is failing and Detoxification is the method used to remove the inflammation and toxins that have caused the tissue to fail in the first place. Detoxification is necessary when we have consumed foods that have clogged and obstructed the human body. Toxins accumulate in us everyday and we need to rid the body of them on a daily basis to maintain good health.

Complete Digestive Health

The Program will help you understand the importance of digestion. A disordered gut can translate into a disordered body and it can make you feel lousy! The digestive system has a mind of its own. There are more nerve cells in the digestive system than in the spine. Disease can begin in the colon if you don't work on keeping it healthy. An unhealthy colon creates an unhealthy mind & body. The Program builds a healthy gut and helps to regenerate the digestive tissue as we age.

Exercise Design

Many people don't know where to go and how to get started on a proper exercise plan. They don't know what kind of exercise to do and most individuals jump into something without the proper guidance. In the end, their motivation deteriorates from lack of results. Exercise Design is a learned science that practitioners have gained over many years of study and programming practice. Your program will contain an exercise plan tailored specifically for your body, your age and your goals. Exercise routines are not "one size fits all."